The city is attractive to us because of  the buildings, the streets, markets,  
shops, restaurants and people.
I started to paint from my neighbourhood, but then I realized there was much
more to this city. It is marked on street names, carried by buildings and told by its
people .Toronto possesses a  wealth of vitality, colour and variety. From the
bustle of  Kensington market and Chinatown to the Greek stores of Danforth
Avenue or the cafes of Little Italy.East and west, pomp and simplicity, antique
and fashionable, the fantastic and everyday. I try to capture what I have seen
and loved as Toronto.
Neighbourhoods shifting and changing as the city moves forward with it's
people.  We retain  in our heart some pictures of this city as we know it. I would
like to keep the images as keepsakes of how we lived and perhaps pass them
to future generations.

Beijing China
Currently live in Toronto


Bachelor Degree in Fine art.  The Central Academy of Art & Design.    Beijing China


TOAE Mayor's Purchase Award                                                                                                    2017
Toronto Art Collection                                                                                                                    
The Mayor of Toronto. Gift for the Mayor of Chicago                                                                    2005
The Mayor of Toronto. Gift for new Canadian Embassy in Berlin Germany                                 2005
TOAE City Purchase Award                                                                                                          2003
The Woolfitt's Award, CSPWC Open Water Exhibition                                                                2003